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maybe next year

this view will have to do

i am, of course, rather sad not to be able to make it down for brooklyn's west indian day parade today. i was there last year, and the sights and sounds were truly breathtaking. the sheer size of the thing makes for an incredibly powerful experience.

but in the face of fuel shortages and spiking prices, i've decided that it's both ethically and economically impossible for me to take a road trip, even if a short one. i hope that the people down in BK have some life-affirming experiences today, and i hope to see some pics and hear some stories before long.

meantime, in my own continuing reflections on new orleans in katrina's aftermath, i've posted a little music and some musings over at the riddim method. hope you dig.



Blogger Alice B. said...

Hey Wayne,

The parade rocked from my perspective as I "played mas" with Sweet Mickey for several hours.

Hope you do join us next year. Junior Gong made an appearance but I didn't see Wycleff this year.

www.kiskyeacity.blogspot.com for more.


4:02 AM  

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