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summer as a verb

did i say "see you next week"? oops. i meant next next week.

nothing like an extended vacation--pulling on time like salt-water taffy.

i made it back into town on a couple occasions, though i beat a fast retreat to the cape each time. on the way back to boston one passes signs like these, which are probably only funny to jamaicanists.

monday night i returned to check ghislain poirier's appearance at beat research.

ghislain was dropping some serious beats. his trademark mix of world urban music got a whole lotta asses shaking for a monday night in mid-august in cambridge. (if you haven't heard his lemon-red mix yet, you need to give that a listen.)

ghis is fond of what he calls "huge asshole bass"--which seems like a proper modifier to me. in fine fashion, he connected grime to crunk to soca to his own leftfield beats. a boon for a light traveler who seeks effortless movement across borders, man can work the play button like few i've seen. big up ya dirtier-than-clean chest, g.

meanwhile, winding our way back to the beach...

nature continues to beguile, swapping a cloud's silver lining for pink.

as you can see, i remain a total sucker for sunsets. (pale as photos of them may be.) i'll leave you with a few of my favorites.

as usual, more here.

i'm gonna enjoy these last few days of august bliss. but thanks for checking in, y'all. be back with more-prose-than-photos in a hot minute.


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