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sunset, some rocks, a dog, scrabble, sunset

enjoying the cape immensely. it's cooler out here than in the city, and we've had many utterly perfect days.

some unbelievable sunsets, too.

unlike most places on the east coast, out in truro, you can see the sun set over the water (i.e., cape cod bay):

that's the p-town tower in the distance:

we've been spending nuff time at the beach. i like to walk along the surf's edge and spy the washed-over rocks in all their semi-translucent splendor:

you can try to pick them up,

but they soon lose their luster, unless one keeps them wet:

they look even more enchanting when, under water, the light hits them just right:

nature does some magical things, like weaving seaweed into pseudo-glyphs:

our pal, sam the dog, appears to have as much fun as we do at the beach:

but beware, he's excitable and has trouble with inanimate objects that act animate. here he's barking at a rock i picked up and was holding in my hand:

when it comes down to it, though, he's a gentle pup:

so i think we'll refrain from boiling him for dinner, unlike less lucky creatures:

talk about lucky creatures, i actually beat bec at scrabble the other day, which is a rare occurence. she may look patient here, but she's quite vicious:

the cape's terrain is rather distinctive. here's a shot from the province lands, where sand dunes and knotty pines abound:

i recklessly snapped pics from my bike while curving downhill through some sandy patches. i paid for it with a nasty crash and a big bruise on the knee. this is a shot, mostly of the sky, that i took on my way down. nice sky, though:

i'll leave you with a few more quintessentially cape cod shots, then it's back to the beach with me. you can look for more socio-musical analysis next week. thanks for coming by, though.

more soon. more here.


Blogger Alice said...

Hey Wayne,
Great blog. I came across your website while researching "uptown jamaicans." Turns out your musings from last year (with pictures of your fade haircut) were some of the most thorough I found on the web. Gave me a better picture of stratification in jamaica (haven't been yet). Keep up the good work!
Also, I got to meet Deb Thomas recently and she is as cool as her work.

8:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

even on vacay, wayne reps the red stripe! well played!


3:52 PM  
Blogger wayne&wax said...

re: red stripe--you done know.

re: brownings--glad you enjoyed the musings. funny how google/cyberstuff works. a little bit of blog theorizing comes to stand as the most thorough word on something available. still waiting for this internet thing to fill out, i suppose.

incidentally, the post to which alice refers, for those who haven't read it, is here:

and, finally, yeah: deb thomas is mos def as cool as her work.

8:42 PM  

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