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we all steal from the business you know

just posted a couple standaloners to the riddim method: one is a bit from my segment of our lemon-red mix; another was inspired by a post by the mighty woebot.

if you haven't downloaded the lemon-red mix yet, go get that thang. i mean, i'm saying: april's almost over, mang.

and if you're in the cambridge area tonight, come on out to river gods (the people's choice!) for this month's edition of wicked wicked thursday, featuring special guests dj axel foley and dj david day. i'll be doing my best to connect the sonic dots in between. vibes run from 9-1. as usual, it's free.


one more thing - this murdochspace thing is crazy. it continues to defy my skeptical expectations. case in point: i uploaded an old recording of mine, "recess is over," this past sunday, and by monday this dude named dodger messages me to point me to the d'n'b remix he had already posted. dang. seems he's upping a new remix every coupla days, so check it while it's up.


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