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little buildings

  • talib kweli (who has a blog?!) offers a poignant, handwritten eulogy for jay dee. perhaps not surprising, kweli crams words into a blog like he crams words into a bar.

  • which reminds me that d nice not only been bloggin', dude's vloggin' now too!

  • daddy yankee on bhangra:

    "I love the Indian culture. I like the Punjabi sounds. I love the Bhangra genre. I consider India very rich in culture, rich in rhthyms. It’s like the Carribean you know? Indian sounds is incredible, like Reggaeton. I don’t know what Indian's aresaying. But I love the music and the drums."

  • hank shocklee on life in the bush of ghosts:

    "I grew up as a David Byrne fan. I admired his work with Talking Heads and those records then led me to 'My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts' where I discovered Brian Eno's work. The collaboration between Byrne and Eno inspired me to think outside the box and opened my head up to new musical and most importantly non-musical experiences." (see also.)

  • speaking of eno, don't miss geeta's tasty post on the man and his methods. or simon's post on culture/pleasure that pointed me there. (see also.)


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