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riffin' and raffin', liffin' and laffin'

who knew cartoon cats would be so newsworthy all a sudden?

so much to say, so little time.

look, i'm not going to go making up any sort of excuses. but, f'real, y'all really should have seen it coming.

wait a minute. what am i talking about again?

oh yeah: i've been busy. too busy--if you can believe it--to blog. (though i have found some time to leave lengthy comments on other blogs.)

i've also been inclined to rest on my laurels a bit. well, not really--but it's nice to get noticed not for what you look like when you're doing what you're doing but for what you're doing when you're doing what it looks like you're doing.

what i'm referring to, aside from the ever expressive charles wright, is a recent write-up in air jamaica's skywritings on jamaica-centric, if not jamaica-based, blogs. and guess what? this here boston jerk made the top of the list. now, that's bound to raise the ire of a certain jamaica-based blogger who will remain nameless (and linkless), but i'd like to think that we can all enjoy the ever expanding community of folks who are attempting to express and grapple with ideas about jamaica and its connections to the wider world. at any rate, if you're flying air jamaica in the near future, leaf through their fine publication to see the full piece. (and grab me a copy! [man, it's been far too long since i set foot on my favorite likkle island.])

along those lines, i recently came across another ethnomusicologist's blog, one which reminds me of my own early attempts at ethnographic blogging, if more tech savvy. seriously, this guy's vlogging and shit. seriously seriously, though, if you're interested in hiplife--that's a cross between hip-hop and highlife for all you not-in-the-know--and in ghanaian music and society more generally, check out the hiplife complex.

(yo D: better get your game up ;) [oh yeah, you did.]

anyhow, i better leave it right there for now. sorry--it's just that time of year. buzzing like a bee, see. you just wait.

more soon. stay tune.


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