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bouncin' le gros

sorry i won't be able to join the arty party in NL this week. among other good reasons for having to stay stateside, i've got jury duty tomorrow--in lowell of all places.

still, i was fortunate enough to make it up to MTL this past weekend to catch a special beat-research- / boston-bounce-bolstered incarnation of bounce le gros, the mongrel monthly thrown by upnorth beatsmith ghislain poirier--who, as truck would have it, happens to be one of curator/rupture's guests at the fest in amsty.

zoobizarre was truly bizarre: a dungeonous little club on the second floor of a middle-class french-side-of-town shopping district that managed to attract a relatively diverse, relatively rockin' crowd--and on the coldest night in recent memory--to bounce along to the baaaaassss that ghislain seems to prize above all else, to his credit. flack and c were down with that strategy too, of course.

thanks for the vibes, all. (big up to etienne and erin.)

more pics here.


Anonymous jeffcapeshop said...

i will be there! which may cause some problems with getting my production assignment done on time.. if so i apologise in advance - but i couldn't miss out on that line up ;)

10:37 AM  
Blogger wayne&wax said...

totally understandable.

totally jealous.

10:46 AM  

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