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local art hapnins

three items of interest for boston-area art nerds contemplatives:

1) COLLISIONnine [via jackbackrack]
Art Interactive, 130 Bishop Allen Drive, Cambridge
Jan 28 - Feb 12 2006, weekends 12-6pm
Opening Fri Jan 27 6-9pm
Collision 9 is an experimental art show where artists invent new
technologies, new art forms, and even new forms of life. Collision Collective is a group of artists from MIT and the Boston area exploring new technologies.

C9 artists include burak arikan, ernesto arroyo, lenardo bonanni, joe dahmen, philip decamp, ammon embry-pelrine, mike everett, chris fitch, amber fridjimenez, rob gonsalves, john hart, jackbackrack, heather knight, brian knoth, nick knouf, georgina lewis, christine liu, elizabeth marley, dan roe, mary sherman, gemma shusterman, erica von schilgen, william tremblay, and ryan wartena.
2) We Made It [via crashingjets]
Second Gallery, 516 East 2nd Street, South Boston
January 28 - March 10 2006, Wed-Sat 12-6pm
Opening Sat Jan 28 6-9pm
Installation and Video by Diane Carr, Brendan Harman, Michael Mahalchick, Frankie Martin, Andy Meerow, Paperrad, Ezra Rubin
3) Step Right Up [as previously noted]
Locco Ritoro Gallery, 450 Harrison Avenue, Boston
January 6 - February 18 2006
Second Opening Feb 3 5-8pm


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I know that this is not the proper place to tell you this, but I am not much of a puter and I can't find yr email. I just got back from Brazil and while I checked out this guy that you may or may not like. Check my post. I would love to hear what you think.

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