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listening to the leichers'

no, those aren't the leichers, they're the barrys

i've just launched a new project over at the riddim method: it's a sonicultural journey--a field trip across the musical landscape of my wife's grandparents' mid-twentieth-century record collection (which they recently gave me).

i hope to make this a series of sorts, a regular kind of thing, so join me for the maiden voyage. it'll be fun to have as many passengers aboard as this lil' boat can hold.

as an embarkation, my initial post offers up two songs that i've digitized from the collection, but for those who want to hear a bigger chunk right away, i'll be playing through many of my favorites tomorrow night from 9-11 (tues, 1/17) at brainstorm, the biweekly freeform free-for-all at river gods, hosted by so and formerly co-hosted with ben walker, the latest case of a great boston-based talent lost to the media monster to the south. (good luck, ben! we'll be listening.)


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