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teach against the machine

the good folks over at downhillbattle have put together some great new resources in the ever-evolving struggle over intellectual property. this time, rather than appealing to sample-based musicians or file-sharing peers, they're reaching out to students and teachers, whose worlds are equally threatened and constrained by overly stringent IP laws and misleading, copyright-crazy propaganda.

this one's for students.

this one's for teachers.

thanks to larisa (the gyal with the bwoy and the max romeo LP), aka dj ripley (pictured below), for bringing these new resources to my attention. we need more kick-ass jungle DJs fighting this (downhill)battle. i'm glad to know a few. rootical rally-cry uproar, indeed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aw, blush. as Timbaland says "Thanks for the props but to me YOU da star"

And oh MAN you gotta check out Dizzee's new video.

(on the right a selection of videos, right now Dizzee is the 3rd from the top). Can't explain it, even though it hits cliches (particularly english ones) pretty hard, it pleases me no end. Maybe it's sort of the equivalent of Nas' I know I can (which I find utterly sappy), but I think it 's more than exoticism that makes me love this one to pieces. mainly it's that the lyrics are funny.

11:21 PM  
Blogger wayne&wax said...

the lyrics ARE funny. and dizzee is downright charming. thanks for pointing me to this one. if this gets on MTV, i think dizzee will be a star here, and move more than the 100 thou he brags about.

totally cute video. and well executed. if anything's exoticised, it's the woman at the piano. spot on.

5:43 AM  

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