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ethnomusicologist seeks work abroad

canada and the caribbean preferred. anywhere in the EU would work, too. holler.

regardless of what happens in the recounts, this is a profoundly sad day for me and millions of other americans who hoped to see an end to the bush madness. it seems that 51% of the US is filled with assholes and idiots. it makes me feel like an alien in my own country.

another four years of bush will drive this country into the ground, and i can't help but feel a little premature schadenfreude for all those duped and crazy motherfuckers in middle america. they've given a radical right president a mandate now, and by the end of another term this place is gonna be, to borrow an apt military phrase, FUBAR.

as the world watches and sees the american populace's endorsement of bush, i am ashamed to be a citizen of this country that seeks to unilaterally fuck up the world. i know that i am now automatically despised, derided, and defamed by the majority of the world's people.

i never imagined that gay marriage and abortion would trump an ill-conceived and ill-executed war and a budget deficit that could very well bring our economy crashing down. i never admitted to myself that my country was filled with religious crazies. i never thought that american middle-brow common sense could be so fucked up. this popular vote is my confirmation.

so here we go. four years of hell. may the whole damn thing come down on bush's head. meantime, i pledge to continue to fight at the level of common sense. more now than ever, america needs sexy jesus.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you should definitely check out Germany. Reggae is so HUGE there (Seeed big up, and Germaican records, Mighty Tolga, Dr. Ring-Ding, ill inspector, etc etc). I imagine someone at some institute would want an expert...

I know I'm going to try to get there somehow

-la ripley

2:19 PM  
Blogger wayne&wax said...

i hear you, ripley. germany would be aiight. seeed is dope, reggae is huge, and there is a thriving hip-hop and minimal electronic scene there as well.

incidentally, before i got excited about jamaica, i had planned to do my dissertation on hip-hop in germany. so you never know. i may yet end up there.

bis bald,

11:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now that a week has passed - I say make THEM leave! lets put up a wall!



8:04 PM  

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