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where did those Al-Qaeda n*ggas get their funding?

a must-read interview from latinrapper.com. immortal technique drops knowledge.

somebody give this guy some airplay.

get a taste of the technique as he drops a 9/11 bomb. some serious fahrenheit!

better than jada's, "why did bush knock down the twin towers?"; better than elephant man rhyming "bin laden" with "cannot be forgotten"; this shit needs to be broadcast far and wide.


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"And I know a lot of people find it hard to follow this, 'cause subliminal bigotry makes you hate my politics"

"They dubbed a tape of Osama and they said it was proof - 'Jealous of our freedom' - I can't believe you bought that excuse. Rockin' a motherfuckin' flag don't make you a hero..."

"And just so conservatives don't take it to heart, I don't think Bush did it (why?) 'cause he isn't that smart. Just a stupid puppet taking orders on a cell-phone, from the same people that sabotaged Senator Wellstone..."

"You might have some house niggers fooled, but I understand. Colonialism is sponsored by corporations, that's why Hallibutron gets paid to rebuild nations."

"Read it yourself instead of asking the government why."

Just had to pick out some highlights. Serious wisdom. Name-dropping Senator Wellstone, the Wolfowitz doctrine, Halliburton...complete with dates, facts, (and probably footnoted references, upon request). It's like IndyMedia, Truthout, and a handful of other alternative media sources, all rolled into one freestyle. Now that is what hip-hop should be. Educated, eloquent, impassioned, informative. Damn.

Thanks for sharing. Can we sign him up for the 2008 Concerts for Change now?

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Oops. The above should end:



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