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i reiterate...

ethnomusicologist seeks work abroad: caribbean preferred.

i mean, it's not even mid-november yet, and i've already got to deal with this. seems i lost my madison-earned winter legs by wintering in jamaica a couple years ago. can't even take the massachusetts lows anymore. so, despite our red-state shaming divorce rate, i may have to head south before too long.

i find the cold quite punishing, and ultimately, rather forbidding. i'd rather live in a place where the outdoors are more inviting. at this rate, i'm due to be cooped-up for another five, six months. ugh. the photo below, framed by a window-screen, seems to symbolize nicely my lack of desire to leave the house.

p.s. - wu-tang is for the children! RIP ODB.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoot! Montreal is warm and brisk, sun streaming down from eyelids at 10 degrees celsius and not a trace of the white. So keep Canada on your flight list! heh .. tV

12:39 PM  

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