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art against bush

the struggle continues...

as this week's theory of everything program illuminates, artists would rather not devote their time and talents to topical bullshit like the bush administration. but they will if they have to.

thanks to ben for bringing this to my attention.

thanks to joe and pat for bringing this to my attention.

and thanks to 88.9 at night for bringing this to my attention.

mos def and immortal technique are hot like fire. burn, babylon, burn.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

G.L.O. for the heads up on the DJ Green Lantern/Mos
Def/Immortal Technique track. Shit is hot. Much better than Eminem's "Mosh", and anything on Mos's new album. Actually makes me a bit sad (politics aside), wondering why Mos's new album wasn't more like this
track, and why more Hip-Hoppers aren't using their bully pulpit ("the black CNN", now really the youth CNN) to speak truth on similar topics, pushing
the limits as they are supposed to. And why so little in advance of the election? The Coup and Dead Prez can't do it alone. One track like this is worth more than 99% of what's on Jam'N, combined, plus the entire
recorded output of Fabolous, Ja Rule, P. Diddy, and dozens of other rappers. Once again, we watch truly powerful media outlets have their potential entirely squandered (with a few noteable exceptions.) Sigh.


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