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  • two of my favorite academics and family members, becca and charlie nesson, are teaching a course together this fall. charlie at the law school, and becca at the extension school -- in second life, no less! it proves to be something special, examining (and making) arguments not in the court of law, but in the court of public opinion, and exploring the role of media technologies to facilitate and amplify such arguments.

    i believe the extension school enrollment is already full, but they're also encouraging "at large" participation, so if this seems up your alley, check out the course website, watch the video (see below), browse the syllabus, and join the party.

  • in other bloggy news...

  • raquel rivera's reggaetonica blog is rolling along like some dembow snares, offering interesting discussions of race, class, and reggaeton (including real deets on real estate), and featuring some engaging commentary c/o felix jimenez.

  • greg scruggs, who's back in cambridge after a stimulating summer in rio, promises to continue unpacking his thoughts and observations at beat diaspora. what's more, he promises to play a bunch of his favorite funk tunes this monday at beat research, some of which will soon be released here in the US c/o flamin hotz records.

  • luis-manuel garcia is an ethnomusicology student here at U of C. only this semester, luis is in paris. he's been nice enough to lend me his record collection while he's studying, dancing, eating, walking, and blogging (like a mufucka) his way around gay paree. yippie! (but please tell us more about that funky french EDM, monsieur.)

  • anthropologist ted swedenburg, who writes about rai and franco-maghrebi identity, among other things -- you know where this is going right? -- has a blog!


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