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wicked wicked farewell

what were we talking about again? oh yeah: music.

while the world soldiers smolders on, we'll be offering some alternately chill beats and riddimic heat this thursday, the 27th, as i bid my monthly night over at river gods farewell. you see, as they say, i've got some bad news and some good news.

the bad news, as some may have heard, is that the boston jerk (aka, yours truly) will be leaving boston soon, at least temporarily, for chi-town. the good news is that i've been offered a one-year post-doc at the U of C, so i'll be teaching and writing (and maybe even DJing a little) in the windy city come september. although i'm sad to go, having once again sunk my roots into this wicked wicked city, i'm really looking forward to checking out chicago -- a diverse, vibrant metropolis, with thriving scenes aplenty (from post-rock to house to hip-hop), nuff friendly folk, and a great lake to boot.

so this thursday will be extra extra festive. i've enlisted some wicked wicked guests to help out. in addition to my usual electric-eclectic trickery, we'll have paul irish (of aurgasm fame) on-hand to drop some summer gems. and my old fren-and-collaborator, andrew scandal (née scannell), and his fellow touring troubadour, the accordion-wielding julz-a, will be passing through via brooklyn to regale us with their idiosyncratic-savant stylings over some laptop-propelled beats. as they say 'round these parts, should be a friggin' blast.

although I plan to maintain a presence here in my fair hometown, this'll be my last gig around these parts for a while, so if you've been waiting for an opportunity to say what's up and take in some leftfield loops, this is your chance. as usual it all goes down at river gods, 125 river street (just outside central square), from 9pm-1am, 21+, no cover.

i can't thank the good people over at "the gods" enough for all the support they've given me over the last two years, so come on out, have a drink or two (and maybe dinner!), tip your servers, and help us bid farewell to what has been, for me at least, a fun little run.


in other musical news:

  • while maga bo continues his intrepid zanzibarian atividades, a former student -- a bright guy with open ears and a love for funk -- has settled into rio and is blogging away as an engaged observer of global beats (in social and cultural context, natch).

  • nick guttabreaks has posted his stellar contribution to the blogariddims series, complete with a massive post explicating his selections.

    apparently, this post marks a hiatus from the blogosphere for señor gutta. if so, he went out with a bang. although i don't always agree with some of his more strongly worded opinions, i appreciate that he gives me such a sense of his distinctive voice, perspective, and aesthetics -- and in a conversational way at that.

    i really dig the personal thread he runs through all these recordings, not to mention the tracks themselves, which run a gleeful gamut from bigbeat to acid to hardcore, not to mention -- ok, to mention -- the links to those old posts on mantronix. given what he expresses here, i dunno what he means about being a "great music blogger," but i look forward to seeing what he comes up with.

  • ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, guess what? robert henke, aka monolake, aka dude who made ableton, aka dude who bought "something like 30" buddhaboxes, has unveiled his long-awaited buddhabox project, "layering buddha" -- and has shared a bunch of nice mpfree samples of excerpts of the "continuously permutating structures" he engineered from the b-box's lil loops.


Anonymous jorge vieira said...

That blog http://beatdiaspora.blogspot.com/ seems nice! Always keen to know about Rio de Janeiro! :) As we (portuguese) have a cultural and linguist proximity

And by the way FM3 just played here in Portugal @ Zé dos Bois last week with there Buddha Machine!
The concept behind the Buddha Boxing thing it's nice! It could also be approached with different medias!

8:30 AM  
Blogger wayne&wax said...

how does FM3 perform live with their budda machine(s)? i'm curious. do they employ several at once?

10:05 AM  
Anonymous Jorge vieira said...

Yes they do!

12:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those layers are awesome, I was working with one.. but 30! wow. Very cool. Do you know where we can buy those limited vinyls? or are they already gone?

I'm going to make a project out of sampling his vinyls, cutting them down to nine lo-fi loops and putting them back in a tiny box.

8:41 PM  
Blogger wayne&wax said...

i think they haven't actually been released yet.

maybe after you've put them back in a tiny box i can sample them and dub them to casette or something.

9:46 PM  

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