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Aa plus+

  • tomorrow, monday the 17th, Aa (that's 'BIG A little a') are driving up from BK to join me (that's w&w) and flack at beat research. looking forward to playing a beat-centric crowd, Aa percussionist and energytic blogga john chiasm says they'll be bringing their "most IDMmy jam ever!" -- not to mention their own lighting show and special beAat reseAarch CD-Rs ("with a mix of various stuffs from the past few years and a new demo or two"). i'll be offering some dembow salsa stew, and maybe even a rap or two. come through !! (e room, 9-1, no cover)

  • john cage, thoughtful as ever (my favorite's the same one jordan picked out; it's not just a thought, it's a methodology)

  • pretty, cool: make yer own pollock

  • i&itunes (big up daddy eden!)

  • recently 893 put up a classic mixtape by a pre-NWA dre; worth it for the humorous intro alone, the mix proceeds to cut a bunch of golden age, east coast bangers into each other, with a preference for early mc lyte (!)

    bonus! the good doctor reminds us that "parents just don't understand" -- especially on the heels of lyte's equally engrossing "cram to understand you" (y'unnastand?) -- is a near perfect song and without a doubt deserves a spot in the great narrative rap canon

  • droid and slug kick off the blogariddims series with a massive post and a deep mix; many more to come -- you rss yet?

  • in other podcast action, check out el canyonazo's gnawledge mixes for international hip-hop and related strands and strains

  • fun scratchy video c/o rndm and robot kid

  • interesting article on SL by camille dodero in this week's phx


Anonymous Jorge Vieira said...

that i&itunes it's great! ah ah ah!! :)

10:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

love your writings! you manage to write everything that's been in my head for years. thanks for saving me the work! let me know if you'll ever be in chicago.


2:19 PM  
Blogger wayne&wax said...

thanks, montana. not trying to read anyone's mind but my own, but i'm glad what you read here resonates.

funny you should ask when i'm coming to chicago. i'm moving there next month! good to see that there's a vibrant reggae scene in town. i'm looking forward to checking it out. what do you recommend?

2:42 PM  

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