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kabir sen (yes, that sen), a fellow cantabridgian rapper/producer, has a new album out. it's his third, and he's been getting some nice press on it, if in unlikely spots (for rappers, not cantabridgians). it's been a while since the collaboration actually went down, but i produced a track on the album, "get it right," which some might recognize as employing the "sexy jesus" riddim (which, if you wanna spit on it too, holler).

a recent profile on "the world" (i'm sayin') features another track i produced for kabir, a dancehall-style chant-down called "war" from his second album, fuel for the fire, featuring ever wicked dj axel foley on cuts. (the radio piece closes with the entertaining novelty rap, "the liar," which i heartily recommend and which you can also hear at his myspace.)


in other quasi-collabos, you can hear an old w&w instrumental - one of the first tracks i ever produced, matter of fact - in a recent comic-podcast (comicast? animatic?) by canadian comic artist, colin white.

it's a new approach for an old medium, and i think it's got some potential. (see clickwheel for more.) perhaps more persuasive than anything else was colin's conviction that instrumental hip-hop was the ideal soundtrack for the medium. that's a man with taste.

i was honored that he decided to use some of my music, especially since he's putting it to what seems like better use than that guy who decided the intro to "boston jerk" was well-suited for a parody-propelling pornloop. (i did license it through creative commons, knowing - hoping even - that it would inspire derivative works. what can you do?)

i have to admit, colin's comic podcast looks and sounds pretty sweet (better, i should note, than on youtube) through my nifty video ipod - a lovely birthday gift from my dear, dear girl. (as it turns out, or as i found out this weekend, i happen to share a birthday with woebot, murk, and sasha from jahcoozi, among others! that's some fine company. thanks again to all for the well-wishes.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope my poor-taste usage of your song didn't offend you. It was mostly intended at the time I made it as kind of an in-joke with Lore, so I'd have no qualms with getting rid of it now if you'd rather not have it used that way.

Just say the word and it's gone. It seems like it does make a pretty good story though..


12:18 PM  
Blogger wayne&wax said...

no reason to take it down. i'm not offended. happy to see people take something i made and run with it, regardless of where they go. sure, i can imagine better applications, but finding your in-joke was kind of cool all the same.

7:59 PM  

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