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foggy bottom

one day of remarkable respite, and now rain again. but as sasha says, let it pour. plenty sunny days ahead. more important, we at w&w could use some less-than-enticing weather to help us stay inside and writewritewrite.


top of that, we like the way this gloomy weather seems commensurate with the foggy bottom beats we've been listening to.

a week ago, driving from boston to middletown through rain and fog, kode 9's recent rinse mix seemed the perfect soundtrack: claustrophobic clipped-cavernous cracks in cityspace, soundscape surround in suggestive stereo, warbling womb of fluid forms full frontal flying under the radar radiant. or something.

aiming low with head high, burial bring dubpoems and dubstep into righteous bassboost lockstep.


why go brap!brap! when you can go gloo-GLAU!! ?


dubbing it afro-nofuturism seems dead on mark. a subtle shift p'raps. but let's not forget, of course, that dread visions have always been a crucial component of A-F.


let the skies open and the basements flood.

rinse, repeat.



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