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roam improvement

NC was cool. good peoples, good vibes. thanks again to darren and TJ and everyone else who made us feel welcome.

over at the new science experience page, you can hear DJ C's thursday performance at the local 506 as well as a set i played sunday night on one duran's and yugen's show on WXYC. (apparently, my set at the 506 didn't make it to tape - but what can you do? glitch happens.)

playing the radio set was fun, but it's far from perfect. i wince at several hasty transitions - among them, a quick realization that outkast don't always speak in FCC-approved terms - but it does have a "live" feel (and i don't mean ableton, though, yeah, that's what i used). the mix is a little sloppy and a little hot, but i dug into some nice, dubby treats for the occasion, so hopefully the selections outweigh the imperfections. if you liked dubble-dub, i think you'll dig.

after hanging in chapel hill, i spent a few days in durham with family, mainly working on patching up an old mill house that becca's sister and her mensch have been steadily transforming - with a little help from their friends - from an unbelievably run-down wreck to a functional lil' home. you can see the amazing progress for yourself - as well as some funny pics of me getting my hands dirty - on their home page (get it?).

among other things, i spent many hours stuffing bluejean-based insulation up under the floor...

never mind the pink stuff

pretty cool stuff - apparently the recycled denim provides the same insulation as fiberglass, but in thinner, greener form. depending on how the light hits it, though, it can look more (or less) blue, often with other colors interspersed...

i also spent some time "refixing" the bedroom ceiling with some reclaimed wallboards. eventually, they'll be scraped and repainted and all that, but i rather like the combination of variously weathered colors at this point...

and, of course, while driving around and such, i came across all sorts of oddities. this time - in place of t.j.maxx o'lanterns (my "most viewed" flick?!) and kitchy witches - there were cigar-selling injuns and a church sign proclaiming:



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