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"ass-shaking academia"

me and the beatresearch boys (photo by jessica dimmock)

sounds paradoxical, i know. still, i can live with that label.

presumably, we have the incomparable catchdubs to thank for that coinage--and for the nice little write-up on us brainiac boston bouncers in the new issue of the fader.

i hope i haven't saddled jake and tony with such a tag. (i've posted previously about the way their beat research informs my own thoughts on music, culture, and society.) at any rate, i don't think they mind too much.

here's a scan for you netizens, but do me and the faderfolk a favor and cop yourself a copy so you can see the piece in print. there's plenty to read up on in the latest issue (that's #33, the one with maceo on the cover--on news stands now).


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