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  • check professor charlie on jahcure's latest recording: a song penned by a cop, which prof hears as expressing both the cure's and the cop's feelings about incarceration and redemption. don't be fooled by the corporate-looking site, prof's got radical ideas about helping jamaica help itself (no poco), with implications for the wider world. (but most of y'all prolly just want to know when babylon a go free the cure, don't?)

  • in other news back a yard, a jamaican expat returns and blogs all about it. so far, it's been interesting to watch the workings of reverse-reverse-culture shock (or something like that). mr.francis/wade brings an interesting mix of insider/outsider perspectives to bear on his experiences. and despite not sharing anything that could approximate the peculiar emotional resonances of being a return migrant after 20 years living abroad, having experienced moving to (and settling into life in) jamaica, i can definitely relate to some of his trials and tribulations, especially with regards to navigating the distinctive jamaican strain of bureaucracy. those of you who haven't read me and wifey's '03 'jamaica blog' should definitely check out our tale of bureaucratic hell inna JA style. (those who have should go again just to look at becca's ridiculously funny, and accurate, illustration of our labyrinthine journey around a small square room.)

  • jace doesn't write too much. but he does write a lot, and quite well. (i think he also makes music.) don't miss the man's ethnographically-inscribed take on musical feedback loops, the state of "world music" (and reverse exoticism), and inter-cultural contact today. better'n that, though: check the pseudo-anthropological, oldschool- ethnomusicological, hackerese-infused so-so-slippery critique (but y'all know who you are, right?) he levels on bloglandia, academia, archivistan, and associated territories.

  • dj food's raiding the 20th century mix is entertaining, educational, and expertly executed. what's more, it includes a mash from boston's own DJ BC! (link via mr.893)

  • the making of illmatic video-promo makes me excited about the album all over again, though i've never really lost any love--even after those tone'n'poke missteps--for nas's ill lil masterpiece. few other hip-hop albums come close to illmatic in terms of consistency, economy, and straight-up poetry (that's a part of me, retardedly, bop). never mind beats! watching the excitement of so many veteran producers reaffirms to all of us who have grown weary of god's son's wandering and pandering--what happened to the pondering?--that it ain't hard to tell when you hear greatness. (link via emynd)

  • finally, props to the dig for running a cover photo this week of two big bears engaging in the love that dare not speak its name ('round these parts anyway). nope, i'm not talking about man-on-man love, i'm talking about sox-on-yankees love. disgusting. (can't wait to read next week's letters to the editor.)

  • go sox!


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