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once again back

finally back to the bridge after far too many hours spent on the road. look for some serious postage ASAP. meantime, i've got some unpacking to do.

a handful o' gripes:

1) 95 sucks. i can't imagine a worse road. (the jersey turnpike doesn't count, since that's still technically 95.) wholly shit--what an awful stretch of asphalt.

2) interstate rest stops demonstrate a clear conspiracy to fatten us up even further.

3) mu'fuckers don't know how to drive.

4) washington DC makes no sense. (except for go-go.)

5) it is WAY too early for the halloween decorations to come out, despite their charm.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

tell me about it dude, took me 6 hours to get from the NYC to Providence last Friday! they should rename it I-95 OF PURE DRIVING HELL


8:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

after several summers of interstate travel, i feel confident tagging the westernmost plaza on the mass pike as the best rest stop in the country. it's honey dew/ sbarro/ fresh city/ auntie annies/ tcby and a full-serve coffee bar with a big cafeteria in a gazebo with playground. home-sweet-home.

iowa-80 deserves a mention, if only for the dentist's office and barn-sized drive-thru carwash for 18-wheelers.

12:45 PM  

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