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colombia is better with u in it

spotted in arlington, MA: oh yes they did.

  • you know bush-and-them done fucked up when a thomas friedman op-ed reads like this. just when i had relegated dude to the david-brooks never-read-again ghetto, friedman comes through with some scathing criticism. do i sense a ripple across these toxic waters?

  • and just when you thought the greyhound experience couldn't get any worse...seriously, though, do we really need to send all these folks to prison at this time? again, PRIORITIES people! jeez.

  • i was wondering whether the cash-money/no-limit folks found their cribs under water: according to his own IM admission, baby lost like 12 condos and eight houses. hope the master recordings were kept high and dry.

  • cocaineblunts representing for nawlins bounce and nawlins folks. get your download and donation on ASAP!

  • in other bounce-related news, i always thought it was something in the (dirty) water, but DJ C, via the phoenix, gives up the not-so-secret formula for boston bounce, the name of a new style (soon to be MIA) and a party we're playing tonight. that shit was supposed to be on the down-low, but down-load is close enough, i guess. should be a fun time at any rate (135 bpm or otherwise).

  • go bay state!: massachusetts to drop microsoft office.

  • mas yo!: i got a little more quotation love, albeit an odd fragment, in a well-informed piece on reggaeton in last week's journal news (but unless you live in westchester county--yonkers! mt.vernon! white plains! where ya at!?--you prolly missed it).

  • in other reggaeton news: emanuel mistakes my poetically-licensed title for bragging and says he has mucho mas snares que yo (plus backs it up with some plucky bangers).

  • meantime, a bunch of rockist assholes couldn't care less (or could they?). and i discover that my reggaeton post is what "Everyone links to ... when people ask them to justify listening to reggaeton!!!" (beware bloggers: there's power in this thing.) seriously, though, is there any good reason why people ever bother to validate the often unbelievably low level of discourse over at ilm with actual responses? (and, yes, i'm occasionally guilty, too, but usually just to clear my good name.) next thing we know they'll be posting doctored jpgs of each other.

  • speaking of doctored pics, found this at flickr:

  • finally, apparently houston's been spending so much time in new york, they're even reppin' uptown ivy-league schools in they videos now.

    boricua, morena, dominicana, columbiana...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

and u can tell when they done fucked up pt 2

cheers Pete M

4:04 PM  
Blogger WRS said...

People like Tim Finney & Nitsuh & Jess keep ILM worthwhile, but that's a dirty job

7:02 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

That Friedman piece is interesting and surprising coming from the establishment's head cheerleader (or is he its valedictorian?). But I feel like what we're seeing is the media doing what it has to to maintain any sort of credibility with the population in the face of a very obviously preventable disaster (the reaction, not the hurricane). Granted, I'm writing this a good amount of time after you posted this entry, but I feel like I'm watching the media predictably fall back into its role of presenting us with a cacophony of big-party talking points with its credibility boosted by its initial coverage of the disaster. So FederalEMA becomes a whipping-boy for the massive failures of the federal government, which continues to cite bureaucratic inefficiency as an excuse despite the amount of 'red tape' eliminated in all the right(wrong) areas after 9-11.

I could actually keep going, but I'm going to go ahead and cut my mic off. I'll just say that I'm in HTown, work at Dome City when I can, and am pretty pissed at the insultingly dramatic police presence. I'd call it a prison, but folks have been saying that at least you get news from the outside world in prison; FEMA, on the other hand, denied KPFT's FCC pre-approved attempt at setting up a low-power FM station in the area to provide info to the refugees on family whereabouts, employment ops, free stuff, etc.

5:01 PM  
Blogger wayne&wax said...

word. i hear you, quieto. in retrospect, hearing bush flip-flop and change his tune (and noting the lip-service-ness of it all), i totally agree with your analysis.

props for helping out in houston. the shit we're hearing up here, via alternative media, about what's going on there is really disturbing. keep on...

8:53 AM  

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