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any myspace people here?

ghislain runs the voodoo down

got a little review of last week's lady sov / master ghis show in this week's phoenix. 300 words isn't nearly enough to discuss all i'd like to, so i point you to jake's and kevin's and OTD's reviews for elaboration and balance.

in the end, hoodies or no, i'll take rappin' mallrats over singin' mallrats anyday. but a little more ch-ching and a little less ch-chat would've been preferable.

lady sov blurring boundaries


Blogger jacob z. said...

uh oh, lukewarm reviews of lady sov? her san francisco show is friday night, and i'd very nearly worked up the force of will to drag my lazy ass out to hear it... not because of the hype (not that i'm immune to hype), but because of tracks buried in mixes that i probably got to from here, in which her tracks jumped out at me and forced me to do some research on my own to figure out who it was rapping like that. i'm willing to bet the sf crowd will dance their asses off, maybe that will help...

11:11 AM  
Blogger wayne&wax said...

the last thing i want to do is discourage folks from checking her out. sov's rep is well earned, and i think she'll get her legs under her yet. i chalk up the underwhelmingness to jitters and hype and all that. more dancing, as jake suggested in his review, will no doubt help the vibe.

if you do go, i'll be curious to know how it went.

12:06 PM  
Blogger erin said...

here in mtl the show began at 7:30 and ended at 9:45. sacrilege for here. i arrived at 9:42. nuff said.

6:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not sure where I stand on Lady Sov. Listening to the records it sounds like she's a wannabe, she has the kind of flow that that made hip-house MCs like Lo-Pro so memorable. Anyone remember that name? Her tracks are alright, but I thought she must be hot live.

2:13 PM  

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