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there's nothing like a quiet saturday morning for catching up on world events while sipping coffee and enjoying the peace. and nothing quite like the cognitive dissonance produced by enjoying said tranquility while learning of so much unrest.

american news sources have finally noticed that paris is burning (which wikinews was covering long before the times), but why is it that i only hear about ethiopia's troubles via blogs?



Blogger erin said...

It seems that alot of the lack of attention to Ethiopia comes from a denial on behalf of the west--specifically the US and the UK to face up to the fact that Meles' government is not a shining example of democracy in Africa. All who have been paying attention to recent events in Ethiopia recognize that the recent elections were a sham and that the opposition won much more than what Meles claims. You can't ethnically divide a nation, place precedence on one group, start a bloody war with Eritrea (keep your eyes on this situation too--it might be more than sabre rattling), and deny the validity of concerns on behalf of international election scrutineers without people taking notice. It's just a shame that the only people taking notice are within Ethiopia...though the BBC has been not bad over the past few days.
I am particularly concerned that the violence is being understated. After having spoken to some Ethiopian friends, it seems that the information they are getting from home is very worrying. We know that the clashes are spreading both north and south from Addis--up to Dessie and down to Awassa--but we don't really have a n idea of how these clashes are affecting the families in these areas.
The international community (or what remains of it) needs to step in and demand a legitimate electoral process for Ethiopia.
All I have to say to the US state departments "calls for calm" and desire to "investigate the cause of the violence" is fuck you. The cause is evident. People are dying. Do something.
Pardon the anger...

Itiopya wahdihallo.

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