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shining stars, mixing metaphors

in the spirit of taut, little (brilliantly simple?) metaphors for fairly high theories, here are two good ones about post-structuralism:

1) from deridda, via alexander weheliye's phonographies: grooves in sonic afro-modernity:
As soon as one admits that all terms in an analogical relation already are caught up, one by one, in a metaphorical relation, everything begins to function no longer as a sun, but as a star, the punctual source of truth or properness remaining invisible or nocturnal. (52)

2) from marshall sahlins, via his truly prickly pear pamphlet, waiting for foucault, and other aphorisms:
This is a modern American folk-tale to the same effect: Three umpires of major league baseball were debating how to call balls and strikes. "I calls 'em the way they is," the first said. "Me," said the second, "I calls 'em the way I sees 'em." "Naw," declared the third, who had been around the longest, "they ain't nothin' till I calls 'em." (11)


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