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guests are the best

last week's demanding schedule was appreciably lightened by a few great guests.

so my deep appreciation goes to:

1) dj paul dailey, who came to my electronic music class on tuesday, demonstrated the basics of techno-style mixing, discoursed on the finer points of bpm science, demonstrated a deep love for music, answered as many questions as we could throw at him, performed the funkiest lil' set that harvard's music building has heard, and gave out passes to any students who wanted to check out the afterhours club where he's one of the residents. (now that's a field-trip.)

2) jeff chang, who came to the hip-hop/reggae class on thursday, showed some amazing film footage of the bronx gang truce of 1971, gave a lecture about the impact of the cross-bronx-expressway on the socio-cultural landscape of new york, discussed the connection between jamaica's roots generation and america's hip-hop generation, graciously answered all kinds of questions, and spent a 'minute' signing books and discussing hip-hop activism with students. if you haven't picked up a copy yet, cantstopwontstop is an amazing book--vivid, expansive, and passionate--and the mixtape is off the hook. (watch out for the quannum reissue of the ghetto brothers album, an exuberant nuyorican funk-rock session.)

3) dj brynmore, who brought nuff dubby treats to last week's wicked wicked thursday session.


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aah wheres my transmat beam....

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