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a few more tings

here're a few more items to peruse before i can write what i consider to be a proper blog. gotta finish a book review and make it through a crazy weekend first, though.

1) pete murdah tone delivers part two of his interview with russ of the disciples. lots more technical and musical illumination here.

2) an entertaining video courtesy of those convincing germaican fellows, seeed. the riddim's a lil cheesy, but you gotta love those casio bloops. plus, the choreography is fun, and that carnival gyal deserves three and a half minutes of her own.

3) props to my man ben walker, who somehow stole the show in an article ostensibly about podcasting. ben's radio show is blowing up right now. currently, he's poking around in kyrgyzstan and china, trying to see which websites he can access and which he can't and, hopefully, avoiding the authorities. should make for more great madcap radio artistry.

4) could we chill on the daily health updates for the pope? just tell me when the big man dies. i mean, are there really that many catholics in the world? i don't mean to be crude, but c'mon already.


Blogger Pearsall Helms said...

If Catholics make up nearly 20% of the global population then it's a pretty big story isn't it.

Plus there's a bit of a lull in other news as it is.

11:02 AM  

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