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rap v. techno: who knew?

here's the low-down on the difference between two popular genres of music--but keep it on the down-low.

seriously though, who would pay for a fake term-paper like this one, especially when it's on a topic that any college student could easily BS their way through? perhaps the bad writing is a ruse--a way to throw off any scent of cheating. but this bad? (i mean, a lot of the college papers i read--and, yes, some by harvard students--feature some truly bad writing, but this is straight-up stoopid.) still, it would have fooled me. no way i would have googled a phrase in search of the plagiarized source. nope, i would have simply given it a failing grade--no questions asked. except maybe, what is this crap?

not long ago, a colleague who teaches at a midwestern institution of higher learning that shall go unnamed told me about catching a student cheating by googling one of the phrases in the paper. of course, he was tipped off when the paper he was reading--a one page response-paper for pete's sake--said something like, "in the following essay..."

was it a cry for help? nope. the kid was already on academic probation and begged my colleague not to turn him in. what did my friend do? i never found out. what would you do?


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