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ho ho ho, yo

i've always had a soft spot for christmas music, though i can only stand it from thanksgiving to christmas--no exceptions. there are some real classics in this repertory, and my favorites are pretty predictable (esp. according to my middle-class, 3rd-gen-american bakground): nat king cole, frank sinatra, vince guaraldi, elvis, johnny mathis, bing crosby, and various novelties and oddities (especially this one)--more or less in that order.

i've been itching to remix this christmas canon for a while now, but this year just wasn't the year for a wayne&wax x-mas album. still, i want to share a few variations (both novel and odd) that i produced on the ol' jingle bells theme last year. hope you enjoy:

reggae bells
techno bells
bagpipe bells
ringtone bells

a sexy christmas to all! and to all a good night!


Anonymous Anonymous said...


ow 'bout this


king yellows xmas album always gets the ladies rockin 2...

bless Pete M

4:53 PM  

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