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blogcore! you know the score

two of my favorite junglist-eclecticist sonic-theorists recently started blogs of their own:

kid kameleon, who not only drops heavy records but also heavy drum'n'bass history, promises to regale us with hot links and musical musings. he's off to a good start with a double-download megamix, created for tigerbeat6/shockout, from across the dub/dancehall/ragga-jungle/totally-weird-shit-that-works spectrum. spanning 91 tracks in over 94 minutes, kid k connects all kinds of dots. (and throws in yours truly's "a it dat" [the DJ C mix, of course] to boot.) here's to future dots, thoughts, and shocks.

and dj /rupture, who's special gunpowder i've been pumping on-the-regular, joins the fray with his barcelona-based, globe-trotting perspective. i've been enjoying /rupture's ecumenical-political, gold-teef-tiefin', mine-swept sweets for a minute, so i'll definitely be checking to see what kind of musical-textual mash-ups jace has in store for the blogosphere massive.


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