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tidbits and illshit

all this teaching is seriously cutting into my blogging. what can you do?

but before people completely give up on me, i offer you some choice cuts from around the net:

1) first off, big up to my man pace, who laced the a it dat acapella with some thomas dolby dissent to produce this tasty mashup.

2) for those of you who haven't been following the hot-97-tsunami-gate controversy, or for those who don't realize what's at stake, my man jeff chang puts it all in perspective.

3) proud papi and ph.d and blogger extraordinaire, o-dub, who was on a tear in january re: hip-hop blogging and race, pimpin' and language, and the gay mafia, among other hot topics, has taken a hiatus, and his substitute-blogger, p-nut, has been filling in admirably.

4) p-nut's latest blog points readers to elizabeth mendez berry's courageous expose about one of the bigger skeleton's in hip-hop's closet: domestic violence. download the pdf (courtesy of sasha), or pick up this month's vibe. a must read.

5) dj /rupture continues to provoke and provide over at negrophonic. check the analog-to-digital mp3 section for some real treats.

6) for all of you internet/law heads out there (and i know you're out there), my main man, and, yes, my father-in-law, charles nesson, has an audioblog. so fasten your headphones. (incidentally, charlie's the man responsible for getting me all mixed up in jamaica. thanks again, charlie, and happy birthday!)

7) a belated but formal welcome to the blogosphere to my favorite copyleft-junglist, dj ripley.

8) and a salute to my favorite musical-pan-africanist-sweet-mother-evangelist, dna, who also now has a blog, and who just joined the swelling ranks of great harvard drop-outs. (my favorite of all time is e.e. cummings, but let's give derrick a minute to prove himself.)

all right, that should point you to plenty if you haven't seen it already. i hope to have some of my own thoughts soon. meantime, check the blogroll, seen? nuff good stuff a gwaan. -->


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