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mass bay from american air

  • mr.murk brings back his egyptronix mix for the first of his podcasts.

  • which reminds me that dr.auratheft has some excellent new mixes up, including a bellydance diaspora special and some great latin/caribbean stuff via family history.

  • which reminds me as well that, in case you haven't been following along (and, really, why not?), the blogariddims series -- hourlong mixes by some of the musical blogosphere's finest, fortnightly -- has been rolling along with several stellar offerings since i last reminded y'all about it.

    from john eden's and paul meme's heavy dancehall pressure to the cool'n'dark constitution of bassnation's turn to the "texturematched" flex of soundslike1981, i've been grateful for the bimonthly beats and bleeps and blurs. the latest taste of blogariddimic (or should that be blogatextural?) goodness comes from tim rutherford-johnson (of the rambler), an engaging crawl across the "contemporary classical" landscape.

    what are you waiting for? subscribe, already.

  • /// ..in more texty bubblings.. ///

  • after much parisian preamble, luis has finally started blogging (a bit) about EDM and, among other things, the making of parisian masculinity. check his rundown of the city's annual techno parade.

  • i'm pleased to report that "the riddim method" article i co-authored with peter manuel, the title to which some might recognize from me-&-da-methodists' group blog, has finally been published. (more over at -- you guessed it -- the riddim method.)

  • and don't miss k-punk's review/interview of/with kode9 (as if anyone was gonna miss it after sr.reynolds pointed us there).

    but we might ask, indeed we should, whether the parallel that kode9 draws between dubstep and d'n'b -- "To a certain extent, the switch from UK garage to dubstep parallels audio-socially the transition from jungle to drum'n'bass" -- should make us as uncomfortable as the "switch" from jungle to d'n'b made us. wasn't it woebot who said blackness did not seem to be a part of dubstep? of course, i contend that it does, to my ears, but the celebration of the scene in musico-critical discourse alongside the increasing silence around grime would seem to belie a more troubling "audio-social" shift than kode9 and k-punk discuss.

  • btw, "sight, site, cite" is a triple-hom, didntchaknow?

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  • ps -- catch some dancehall/dance gems over at erin's.

    seems that regional dance phenom we were hoping for has officially blown, and i think, for all the deep localness of each and every spot and step, youtube and other (global) mass media, especially of the DIY/"democratic" ilk, have played no small role.

    [update: the new CFP for EMP would seem to affirm my curiosity about the translocal life of such dances as harlem's chicken noodle soup, philly's wu-tang, detroit's jit, cali's krump, etc. one of the conf's orienting questions for this year is: "Does the Chicken Noodle Soup dance live on 119 and Lex or on Youtube?" (obv, the answer's "both," but one can say a lot about that.)]


Blogger Luis-Manuel Garcia said...

Thanks for the shoutout, W&W! There's some fascinating stuff coming out of this whole techno-in-paris project so far. And, as I never fail to point out, I get to eat croissants and chocolate every morning.

4:59 AM  
Blogger erin said...

glad you enjoyed rodigan and co. i'm also killing the twin of twins right about now. ah, how i miss those wonderful radio shows in ja...

11:25 AM  
Blogger wayne&wax said...

no doubt, erin. that rodigan clip is boss. or rather, he is. love the way he plays the game so that everyone feels him, yet remains, firmly, himself.

twins of twins is great stuff, too! still funny to me that they haven't resounded more widely than in jamaica, where they're widely beloved. maybe b/c their humor is so local?

12:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Wayne&max great, great links! Nice stuff! Reggae, Dubstep and so on!

Great mix by john eden's and paul meme's. I already a have few form them! :]

And by the way I have the full clip from Rodigan's Vs. Love Injection Soundclah night, and it's amazing to see all that Rodigan's vitality! He’s now coming often to Portugal and it’ always nice to see him live! By the way, in a bootleg fashion you can download some nice soundclash and jugglins @ http://www.ghettofabulous.ca/ download area.

Look forward to read your (co-joint) bootlegged article, but only after work! :]

Keep up the good bloggin’!

2:53 AM  
Blogger kode9 said...

i'm as concerned as anyone about the parallels between the jungle > drum'n'bass switch and the grime > dubstep evolution. the point in the interview was an observation of an unfortunate repeating pattern. i don't think its a positive direction in the slightest, and i certainly wasn't condoning it. as i've been whinging publicly for the last year, 'grime & dubstep' is what i'm interested in as opposed to 'grime or dubstep'.

anyway, if there are patterns repeating, they are repeating differently.

4:12 PM  
Blogger wayne&wax said...

thanks for weighing in, kode. i'm definitely with you on the g'n'd tip. maybe that's part of what's troubling about the increasing imbalance in jrnlstc coverage / bloghype / critical discourse. and though i sensed a subtle nod in your "audio-social" phraseology, it seemed like race remained a little too in the margins. (indeed, the word, not that it need be always spoken, does not appear. but big up on putting this in a black atlantic context.)

and definitely truethat about repeating with a difference -- i'm liking the "audio-social" relations between grime:dubstep a lot more than those between jungle:d'n'b. no small credit to you, good sir.

4:50 PM  

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