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but it's hot though

  • how hot is the new tego album? well, i'll tell you in some detail soon (via the phx), but suffice to say it's hot enough that someone stole my car radio to get a copy.*

    i'll say at this point, though, that i totally agree with the choice of "los maté" -- with its chipmunk'd ranchera chorus (e.g.) and filtered dembow -- as the lead single. and i like the use of mariachi men in the video to bring out the sample's resonance, though the rest is fairly standard, unimaginative r'ton fare: e.g., tego as a gangster, scantily-clad dancers.

    (*all right, it's prolly not the cd they were after -- it was my shitty stereo -- but i appreciate the neighborly welcome all the same. ah, life in the big city.)

  • otherwise tho, i should say, life here in chi-town has been pretty good to date, and it remains full of promise. for instance, tomorrow night i've got my first bomba lesson-session with the good people @ africaribe, and after that, for a helping of some good ol' hometown (sonic) soup, i plan to check out one of beantown's best, the inimitable kfw, playing at danny's.

  • /// and from the various and sundry dept (see also) ///

  • so fresh and so clean: reverse graffiti (it may even be 'legal')

  • action figures reanimated!! umeancompetitor has embarked on a new saga, starwars stylee, while bustatoons is pursuing a remarkably serious blog about he-man [via]

  • in a few short years, duke university has gone from being among the most "gay-unfriendly" schools in the country to one of the "top 20 friendliest" for gay students -- no small thanks, no doubt, to fine by me, which was initiated at duke by becca's sister and some friends. (as you may know, it's totally fine by me, too, though that should really go without saying.) baby steps, yeah, but they do get you somewhere eventually. coming soon: gay marriage? fine by me.

  • popefully speaking:

    angryarab: "I also get upset when Muslim masses react more strongly to words and cartoons than to wars and aggression."

    and juancole offers postcolonial perspective on the papal provocation. (see also)

    heavyweight author karen armstrong weighs in, too.

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    whoa! welcome to the neighborhood.

    had some tego conversation with the young reggaeton producers at my school. they are pretty universally psyched hearing him reaching into other genres. "he's gets on bachata!"

    6:13 PM  
    Blogger Soul Cocina said...

    Welcome to Chitown. I also love the new Tego stuff.

    6:44 PM  
    Blogger wayne&wax said...

    yeah, the new one has all the variety of "el abayarde," dipping into salsa, bomba/plena, roots and dancehall, alongside plenty of hip-hop and dembow synth stuff. it even attempts some new fusions, like the one with the ranchera sample or the blues-infused "mardi gras" (which falls a little flat IMO). interestingly, no merengue or bachata on the underdog. but, yeah tego's been pushing those boundaries for a while. my favorite track on the new one is "chango blanco" where he shows himself to be a serious, budding sonero!

    7:29 PM  
    Blogger sushipjs said...

    Your "fine by me" track had me giggling all evening. Wonderful.

    Oh, and I see you'll be in LA for the AMS/SMT meeting. It will be nice to finally meet you.

    10:04 PM  
    Blogger Luis-Manuel Garcia said...

    Aw, wayne! Welcome to the neighborhood, indeed. Chicago is one of those cities where it sucks to own a car, and it sucks to not own a car. Either way, lots of sucking. "Fine by me" indeed!

    [Word verification: "jpigthgr" --> J-Pig Thugger]

    4:46 AM  
    Blogger wayne&wax said...

    heh. apparently, there's no holding the salacious luis back ;)

    6:34 AM  

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