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success for these DJ's is virtually guaranteed

re: bubbling:
  • kevin crashingjets has dug up more info on post-colonial dutch party muzik, including a page with the text that was posted anonymously to my comments a few days ago. (where are my google cheatcodes when i need them?)

    kevvy kev notes that bubbling seems to bring together happy hardcore and soca, which is kind of funny since someone once referred to soca as "the happy hardcore of the caribbean." (can anyone confirm that this phrase was something simon said?)

    kevin also points us to dj galaga's page, where one can hear streaming happy-ragga and whitney houston refixes, and where the latest news reads as follows:

    "DJ Galaga has started his own DJ-Team.
    In this team, there is room for 4 high-quality DJ's.
    They will all be trained and instructed in the specific Galaga-style by DJ Galaga himself, and will all be supplied with exclusive tracks.
    Also, each DJ will release several singles.
    This means that success for these DJ's is virtually guaranteed."

    no doubt.
moving to other DJs whose success is virtually guaranteed...
  • you know those hip-hop beats that just get under your skin? those melancholy bangers that manage to lift you up as they pull on your heartstrings? yeah, you know what i'm talking about. anyhow, if you like that sort of thing, then you must give a listen to dj flack's new blue beats mix. not only does he pull out some choice cuts, he blends them beautifully. can't wait for vol.2, when i hope we'll get to hear pete rock's gem of an instrumental for ed o.g.'s "wishin'." although specific in affect, these beats abound. hit flack with some suggestions for the next installment here.

  • in other flack-related news, see also, serve that bouncy--a boston bounce remix of flack's and c's (i.e., duotone's) forthcoming single "serve that pu$$y" (beat research records). it's great to see this self-invented style take off. in case you missed it, the last lemon-red mix--the one by those bananas boys--features a little b-bounce section. anyhow, check the baltimore/screw-inspired remix over at the riddim method. and when the original drops, cop it, especially if you're challenged in this particular area--flack breaks it down nice and easy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of soca, I saw Machel Montano & Xtatik the other night, outside DC. A fun show. I think Simon Reynolds did describe soca as happy hardcore, but I haven't checked out when.

8:29 AM  

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