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not to be missed

dan charnas on the music industry. it's a three part series (1 2 3), and a must-read, especially for those who still think greg tate is an old man.

it's not about hip-hop's commercialization, per se; it's about the way hip-hop's rise to the mainstream has--not coincidentally--coincided with its change of position vis-a-vis the status quo: from disenchantment to reinforcement. ugh. i mean, thugh.

ben walker on the island. a parodic parable, to be sure. strange stuff, but only fictionalized. not really fiction. a must-listen, especially towards the end when he tries to buy an island of his own.

charlie on time travel, though travelling through MIT security seems perhaps as difficult.

kid k, jace, jake, and ripley all chime in re: toneburst.


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