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damn internet explorer (and yankees)

i'm afraid i don't care how many people have come here to check my academish lowercase legibles. i just lost a long blog that i had been composing about last week's signal or noise conference, and i'm too frustrated right now to rewrite it. i encourage you to read on below for more representative examples. and check the archives, yo: july in jamaica has a vibe, and january was a good month, if i don't say so myself; october and september were aiight, too.

for now, allow me to leave you with this:

(innit he just the cutest, lil masshole you ever did see?)

and this, which is entertaining enough to make me feel a little better about crashing browsers, empty clipboards, blog-software that doesn't autosave as you go, and me-not-being-careful enough. (far as beatbox-harmonica performances go, it's definitely the most virtuosic i've ever witnessed. eat your art out, senor guero. [don't ask me about the site hosting it. at least it loads quickly.])

i'm going to download firefox now. fuck a IE.

hope to have that conference reflection up before too long. meantime, you can check out another take on it at kevin driscoll's "serious" blog.


Anonymous Brad said...

Internet Explorer was freezing up on me all weekend so I switched to Firefox at a friend's suggestion. I'm diggin' it thus far. oh, and go dodgers!

10:07 AM  

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