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deepdickollective are hardcore, representing queer hip-hop to the fullest. because, as they argue, "any black cultural Renaissance needs fags."

but don't get it twisted: they ain't no homo thugs. that shit's hegemonic, yo.

i revisited the DD/C's site last week after reading a paper on homosexuality and hip-hop. which reminded me that i've been meaning to blog about them for a minute. when i first checked their site a few months ago, i was suprised to learn that one of their members, phil goff (aka lightskindid), was an acquaintance of mine back in college. phil revels in his apparent contradictions, reconciling them easily or perhaps simply enjoying the confusion they can produce as they challenge commonsensical notions about the neat, little boxes we all fit into. his bio puts it this way:
Phrases that follow the utterance "I am . . . " include, but are not limited to, Black, white, gay, straight, a poor born Southerners' child, bourgie and Northeastern to a fault, passionately opposed to religious dogma, a devout Christian, an American Dream believer, a socialist (democratic), and decidedly clear on exactly who he is.

when it comes down to it, i can't really say shit about phil's contradictions. i met phil in college when i joined the kuumba singers during my senior year, which made me, at least on the surface (if you want to draw such boxes), a white atheist in a black gospel choir. of course, i preferred nineteenth-century spirituals (jah bless mr. winfrey) to kirk franklin arrangements, but i was happy to find a place where i could sing powerful songs with good folks.

seems like the DD/C and related groups are looking to do a similar something. fine by me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hope u linked mr afflicted..;)

6:13 PM  
Blogger wayne&wax said...

you raise the obvious question, jace: what happens to a dream deferred?

does it dry up like a jim jones CD in the sun?

or fester like a juelz santana rhyme on the run?

does it sag like the dipsets' pockets?

or does it explode in the form of multisyllabic homoeroticism?


9:03 AM  

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