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meme, i-self, and i

jeff chang tagged me on the music dork meme that's going around, so here goes:

total volume of music files on my computer: approx. 24 GB--and far fewer songs than jeff, since a lot of them are wav files for playing with live in da club; haven't jumped on the ipod train yet, so the majority of my CDs remain unripped.

last CD i bought was: congotronics, konono no.1--i may be late on this one, but i'm glad i finally picked it up. great stuff.

song playing right now: "double barrel" by dave and ansel collins--gotta love that jamaican jive intro, especially if you're an ol' special ed head.

five songs i listen to a lot these days:
1) run DMC, ft. yellowman, "roots, rap, reggae"--a totally bizarre attempt at rap/reggae fusion way before sean paul decided to rhyme 'dro' and 'mo'
2) david banner, "play"--my favorite of the whisper-crunk batch; pretty pornographic stuff (if less phallocentric), but those kraftwerkian squelches get me everytime
3) el gran combo, "ojos chinos"--ever since tego turned me on to this melody with his interpolation on "dominicana" i've been loving the original
4) ghislain poirier vs. dizzee rascal, "stand up tall"--ghis takes the fucked-up-ness of grime grooves up a notch on this one; some serious neck-snap
5) keith fullerton whitman, "stereo music for acoustic guitar, bucla music box 100, hp model 236 oscillator, electric guitar, and computer - part two"--gorgeous, beguiling stuff; multiples is a masterwork of modern soundsculpture

next up...

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tag--you're it.


Anonymous tV said...

I will reply next week .. when the timing is more apt, when I am not contemplating the catastrophes of this planet. tV

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