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chicagoans! i'm playing my first local party this weekend, saturday night, at a secret spot somewhere around downtown (TBA). headlining is none other than my riddim methodist colleague, kid kameleon, and joining us on the bill are such loco locals (and regionals) as curtis chip, ipaghost, wesley clay, and the no ma'am kru (i.e.). should be a vibes. par for the dance, i plan to play some slyly syncopated stompers, spanning the electro-carib diaspora as usual.

for more info, see here.

got some other chi-town gigs coming up, too. for now, murdochspace is the best way to keep tabs on those.

[update: unfortunately, i'm told, things are starting to look kinda shaky on the party -- something about the space falling through. i'll try to put another update up when i hear more, but for now it's best to check in with me or with that "dorkwave" gmail address (see the flyer) sometime on friday or saturday. ah, the ol' "underground party scene" -- gotta love it. ::sigh::]

[update ii: all right, it's on! apparently the promoters have found a good alternative spot for us, if at something of an "aboveground" location. anyhow, it's happening at 1968 n. milwaukee ave, at the intersection of western / armitage / milwaukee. $10 cover, doors open at 10; i'm playing from 1-2, kid k from 2-3. word.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "riddim method" article is great!
Please share the congratulations with your partner!

2:36 AM  
Blogger wayne&wax said...

thanks, jorge. glad you enjoyed it!

6:50 AM  
Blogger ripley said...

go go go! have fun tomorrow. sorry I can't make it..

7:58 PM  

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