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seeking souls subjects

do you download and/or upload music on the internets? lots of music? do you think about the ethics of it? how it has changed your habits or practices? can you articulate your reasons for doing so? would you like to?

if so, an ethnomusicologist friend of mine would like to ask you some questions. if you're interested in participating in what promises to be an illuminating study of the emerging ethics of music in the digital age, get at me (wayne at wayneandwax) and i'll put you in touch with my colleague (anonymously, if you wish).

[update: thanks to all who have gotten in touch. i've forwarded your info on to my colleague, who will probably be in contact with you before too long.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm not a mass music downloader. i get too much music from other sources to be able to get through much on the download. but like everyone i do go to the net every now and again. i'm interested in the ethics of it too - it's def not the black/white that the record industry paints, but equally i doubt it's the utopian dream that a lot of filesharing advocates paint.

pass me the details...

3:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i download almost all the music i listen to.

i know i'm denying the artists i love money, and try to vaguely rationalise it by saying i buy the really good stuff (i rarely do)

in reality i feel too detached from the artist, and too attached to my bank balance to care i am rippint the people who make the music i love off.

if i'm at a gig i'll often buy cds, even if it's not that great.. because i don't feel i could go away and download it for free - that would be cheeky..

of course i do download tons of stuff i would _never_ buy, but as i take all the stuff i might buy anyway, that argument falls pretty flat..

4:45 PM  

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