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remember when it was only the biggest number you knew?

if you've watched this, or not, check out abe's freestyle about google. he raises some interesting points.

i'm still puzzling the whole thing over after tobias clued me in on the conversation about ubiquitous/pervasive computing.

i guess i'm still a naive, for-the-people optimist when i think that a world where we are all producers/creators is potentially a very rich world. apparently, there are things to think about regarding such a scenario, though most of them seem to revolve around the dangers of co-optation (usually by corporations, as predicted in the video).

via email, tobias disagrees: "Interesting for me isn't really the corporate angle, but the pervasive thought-pattern (I hesitate to call 'ideology') that everyone-making-their-own-media = good. This is already everywhere." [see this post for elaboration.]

that thought-pattern sounds a bit like mine. so i'm gonna keep thinking about it.


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