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loosely grouped

apparently, by his own admission, greg tate is an old muhfluckuh.

seemingly taking tate up on his recent critiques, hadji williams knocks the hustle (and beats me to a title i've been tossing around).

an engaging excerpt of an essay on v.s. naipaul by terry eagleton leaves me wanting more. when are publications like harper's going to realize the benefits of sharing the wealth and make all their articles available online? i can't really complain, though, considering how much joy and information the index and weekly review give me.

ishmael reed makes all kinds of articles available online in his konch magazine. lots of great stuff here. the current issue features a reflection on hotel rwanda, which i just watched this last week and which totally knocked me down for a good day or so. (a shamefully short window of consciousness.) everyone should see it, though i'm not sure that would help avert future tragedies. if the 20th century was the century of genocide, i don't know what we're in for now. guns don't kill people, people kill people, but weapons and racism make it a whole lot easier.

can't we all just chill? perhaps learn something from walter benjamin on hashish?


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