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chasin' jason chase

jason chase is a boston somerville-based artist who paints truly amazing hyperreal portraits of suburban/middle-brow/ubiquitous american material/visual culture (among other things). sometimes there's an implicit critique to his representations of well-worn brands and "landscapes" (e.g., strip-malls). sometimes the point is much more explicit, as in his evocations of the violence lurking just beneath all the candy-colored crap.

readers of this blog might remember jason's work from my rave of last may, or from my recent link to his and caryn o'connell's click-through flotation device.

at any rate, don't take my (big) word(s) for it--see jason's paintings for yourself. better yet--see them in person. you might not be able to tell from jason's generous web-shots, but many of these paintings are HUGE. seeing them up close, looming over you in their larger-than-lifeness, is definitely the way to go.

tonight is the opening reception of a show introducing jason's art to the greater boston community. it's at the locco ritoro gallery from 5-8pm. the show will be up through the 18th of february.


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