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aural joyrides and other diversions

jace's joyous post reminds me of my favorite joyride chune: tanya stephens's cocksure self-assured instruction-manual for clueless (crazy?) men:

tanya stephens, "yuh nuh ready"

which reminds me of my favorite example of a male rapper employing a feminist slogan to big-up himself, w/ seemingly no concern for the homoerotic implications:

phife dog, "his name is mutty ranks"

the track above comes from tribe's uneven, but underrated, love movement. (someday folks are going to appreciate that jay dilla was on some shit on this one, even if they miss ali shaheed's butter beats.) this is also just one of many, many little references that phife, as a good trini boy, makes to caribbean music, especially reggae and calypso. of course, "mutty ranks" never really found his solo shine, but then again neither did tip, which remains a great mystery to me.


in other news,

siebe thissen, aka dr.auratheft, has added a few new mixes to his carefully curated collection. (find tracklist/notes here.) the "wareika hill" mix offers up jamaican jazz equally inspired by count ossie and sun ra, while the "freedom inc" mix brings together mingus, rza-on-mingus, wiley (!), and sly&robbie, among others.

the link from tofuhaus also drew my attention to distinctly jamaican. ecumenical in its conception of what might fall under that rubric and featuring heaping portions of music and info, this one's worth checking on a regular.



another funky podcast from atari over at the woefully sluggish reasoner, this time linking funk to the broader brazilian soundscape. check the bailectro sabor! viva favela!



remember that re-tooled trailer of the shining?

well, these are less developed--and different--but great all the same:

weekend at biggie's | kickback mountain



twink: kids rekkids deconstructed, recreated, and thoroughly fuctwit.

and dude's from boston to boot!? w00t!

(ahem, go pats!!)


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