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siva challenges us, in compelling and compassionate terms, to think long and hard about what we need to do to get out of this mess. talking will come with thinking, and collective action out of dialogue. although some might be dissatisfied by his conclusionary question to list good books, i applaud his impulse toward learning, engagement, and open, informed consideration of our best possible options.

plus he admits that he's a nerd. i'm sorry, "book guy." that's actually much better, considering what some people think of nerds these days.

[incidentally, if you think that this latest bit of shit is going to stick to the nerds in the teflon administration, i don't know what news channel you've been watching. clearly, you should be reading the onion.]

not sure where to begin as far as books, though--history? anthropology? political science? media studies? buddhism? poetry? psychology?

i'd throw a couple votes to emerson and thoreau at any rate--two of the best writers on civic duty this country has ever produced. (happy birthday, henry david!)


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