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some below the radar bullshit

this piece of news never seems really to have made it to the mainstream, but it seems especially significant at a time when the government is intimidating news sources and carrying on with their own propaganda machine unchecked. considering that several muslim americans have been dragged into the spotlight and through the mud over alleged terrorist plots, it is outrageous that the justice department fails to call attention to some of the true terrorists in our midst. white supremacists have been carrying out terrorist attacks on american soil against american citizens--including, of course, judges and their families, black folk, and innocent government cogs--for a long time now, but such activity, for some reason, remains a dirty little secret. wouldn't want to incite all those rabid anti-white-supremacists, i suppose.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

judges and their families

Assuming you're talking about Lefkow...Matthew Hale had nothing to do with the murders of her family members.

Chicago Tribune

8:33 AM  
Blogger wayne&wax said...

hale schmale. it's not about one guy. it's about the pervasive connections between white supremacists and domestic terrorism.


9:17 AM  

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